Execute Remotely - Host Settings
Host Settings
  • Cancel:

    Goes back to the execute page without saving anything.

  • Save:

    Saves current settings and goes back to the execute page.

  • Host:

    The host name or IP number.

  • Port:

    The host port to use when connecting.

  • User:

    The user name ssh can log in as.

  • Password:

    The login/password associated with the user.

  • Prefix:

    This optional field will prefixed every command. In general it is used to set up the environment which ssh will not inherit from your usual login. Under Mac OS/Linux/Unix, it would normally be the startup of your shell, like for example ". .bash_profile"

  • Key:

    Shows the name of the current host private key if any.

  • Phrase:

    The Pass Phrase for this host secure SSH private key.

  • Delete:

    Delete this host private key.

  • Import:

    Opens the import key page.

  • Use this key/passphrase or Use global key/passphrase:

    Switch to enable either this host or the global key as set in the global settings.