xCute - ejeCutar Remotamente - FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
This is a list of the frequently asked questions, with their respective responses. If your question is not in here, please send us a support request. ExecuteRemotely

  • Why is it that Cloud is on demand?

    We find automatic synchronization some times interfears adding or removing unwanted host data. For example you attempt several hosts on your iPhone and when you arrive home and use your iPad there is a lot of unwanted garbage. So, we opted for a simpler approach allowing you to chose when to go in either direction. Please let us know if you agree or disagree with our choice.

  • The iCloud buttons are inactive.

    The iCloud buttons become active only when the cloud is accessible. Check your Wifi connection, you might be in Airplane mode.

  • My server does not seem to recognise the commands I request, eventhough I know they are there and in my PATH.

    SSH does not inherit your login environment remotely, so you need to explicitly define it, for example executing your profile via the dot notation, i.e: . .bash_profile ( please note the <dot><space><dot>. The field Prefix is usually used for this, so you dont have to include it on every command line.

  • I can not access my computer at home, what do I need to do to start ssh ?

    • Mac OS:
      Go to Apple -> System Preferences -> Sharing

      Make certain that Remote Login is ticked
      and that you are listed in: Allow access for:

    • Windows:
      You need to make certain that you have an SSH server running. There are several available for Windows, for example: Bitvise SSH Server

  • I can access my computer at home using login/password Authentication, but xCute responds: Authentication Failure.

    • Mac OS/Linux/Unix:
      For login/password authentication, as root, edit your /etc/sshd_config file, look for a line:
      # PasswordAuthentication no

      Remove the leading comment character #
      and change the no to yes

      so it looks like:

      PasswordAuthentication yes
    • Windows:
      You need to make certain that you SSH server is configured properly. Check with your SSH server provider.
      For Bitvise SSH Server, check their FAQ

  • When using public key/passphrase authentication I always get Authentication Failure, both with xCute and using ssh.

    For Public key/passphrase authentication, as root, edit your /etc/sshd_config file, look for lines:
    #RSAAuthentication no
    #PubkeyAuthentication no
    #AuthorizedKeysFile     .ssh/authorized_keys

    Remove the leading comment character #
    and change the no to yes

    so they looks like:

    RSAAuthentication yes
    PubkeyAuthentication yes
    AuthorizedKeysFile     .ssh/authorized_keys

  • How do I configure my mobile to use VPN ?

    Go to Settings -> General -> VPN and then click on Add VPN Configuration You will need details from your network administrator or use the same settimgs used for your main device.

    Once your configuration is set up, you simply go to Settings and turn VPN on or off.