Execute Remotely - The main page: Execute
  • Hosts:

    Navigates to the hosts page, where you can chose a host from your list of hosts or you can manage the list.

  • Host Settings:

    Navigates to the host settings page, where you can change host details.

  • Global Settings:

    Navigates to the global settings page, where you can configure various global options.

  • Status:

    Shows the current host and the current directory in that host. The current directory is persistent, you always come back to it, no matter if you change hosts or switch off your mobile device. Needless to say you can change current directory in the usual way via the remote "cd" command.

  • Session area:

    The area where you type in commands or remote server scripts. These are sent to be executed remoterly when you hit the Send key. Also, this is the area where the output of your remote execution will appear. The keyboard for this area gives access to previously typed comands - the history - through the up and down arrow keys.

  • Scripts:

    Navigates to the scripts page, where you can chose an explicit command or a server script from your list of scripts.

  • Colors:

    Navigates to the colors page, where you can configure the colors associated with each host.

  • Clear:

    Starts a new session removing all output from previous commands. This text is not recoverable but see the Mail command below.

  • Mail:

    Navigates to the mailer page where you can send an email containing the current session, exactly as it appears, whith colors et all. If a selection is present in the session area, then only the selection is mailed, otherwise the entire session is mailed.

  • Send:

    Same as the Send key in the interaction keyboard.